SKYPE Consultations

Whether you are near or far, many of your health inquiries can be addressed in a face to face session via Skype. I offer Chinese Herbal and Ayurvedic Wellness Consultations utilizing this powerful and effective medium, which allows us to have a connection as if we were in the same room,  Now if only they had a pulse reading app!


Use The Book Now Button to Schedule Your Consult via mindbody and make sure to let me know that you wish to do your session via Skype at least 24 hours in advance of Your session. If this is your first session make sure and fill out New Patient Paperwork HERE.


Getting an Ayurvedic or Chinese Herbal Consult is a great way to begin your journey to health. We'll go over the systems are doing well in your body and which systems need balance. Including what supplements or herbs, combined with daily routine practices, will best support your balance. After a month or so we will check back in to see what is working and do any necessary adjustments.


Taking charge of your health is easy but requires patience, willingness and diligence. I look forward to helping you find your ultimate balance to enact positive results and joy in all aspects of your life and well-being.



Melissa Yaden, DAOM, LMP, AWP  

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