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     I began my search for my life's work by asking myself a simple question: what will bring me the most joy? I realized that lessening the suffering of all beings is the thing that brings me the most joy.


     My gift is helping to inspire others towards taking control of their own health. Yes, I went to school for a decade and gained a vast amount of knowledge to facilitate change and be a catalyst for individuals and their personal health goals, but my real joy is working with those who are determined and ready to make long lasting health decisions NOW! My varied training and unique understanding across several modalities allow me to help individuals no matter where they are at or what their goals might be. I can fill in the gaps and bring awareness to new health paradigms to lend clarity for whatever results you are seeking.


     My promise and my business model are built around 3 principals: Service; to those in need, Compassion; for those who suffer and Tradition; seeking truth in all endeavors.

Melissa Yaden

AEMP (Acupuncture & Eastern Medicine Practitioner)

LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist)
AP (Ayurvedic Practitioner)


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