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Treatments and Services


Acupuncture has a 5,000 year-old tradition of healing utilizing hair-thin needles, cupping, Gua Sha, Tui Na, moxibustion and more to move Qi stagnation and increase your state of being and wellness. Acupuncture has proven ability to reduce pain, alleviate symptoms from many chronic illnesses and offer support for seasonal allergy relief, Menopause, addiction, sleep disorders and much much more. This form of treatment is often paired with Chinese herbs for continued wellness and benefit. Your initial session will include a consultation to help set the stage for your treatment plan, including which herbs will be most beneficial for you. 


Massage can be a great way to relax and also has many hidden health benefits that are constantly being discovered, among them are reduced stress and anxiety, healthier skin, pain relief, improved flexibility and motion, the list goes on. At Healing Tree our massage is given greater depth by the use of Singing bowls which emit deep vibrations to help the body reach a relaxed state quickly and receive maximum benefit. Often Massage and acupuncture or massage and a full sound healing session are coupled to offer a double dose of relief. Be sure and book both sessions at the same time to embark on a new level of healing and deep relaxation.


Ayurveda is Acupuncture's sister science and the birthplace of Yoga. Each person is treated as an individual which means that no one: diet, routine, pill or practice is the correct one for everyone. Understanding your Dosha can unlock the doors to many simple and chronic health challenges, weight loss, anxiety, sleep deprivation and much more. Healing Tree offers a full range of Ayurvedic treatments in addition to consults, including panchakarma programs and individual services such as Abhyanga; Ayurvedic herb-infused oil massage, Shirodhara; herb-infused oil drip on the forehead, Basti; Nasya; oil in nostrils and Herbal Bolus massage treatments.

Sound Healing

Traditional Sound Healing practiced with Nepalese 7-metal bowls is the ultimate way to tangibly experience deep relaxation and deeply meditative states. The low vibrations emitted from these instruments tune the brain to slower and lower wave states, theta and sometimes delta, which allow the parasympathetic nervous system to initiate. Often people believe that they have been out for hours when finishing a 1-hour bowl session and report feeling well-rested as if they'd just had the best night's sleep in years. The purpose of sound healing is also to clear and move any stuck energy in the body and auric field; A combination of deep singing bowls and higher pitched chimes are used in tandem to release toxins from physical tissues and clear emotional and mental energies. Bowls are played on the body which can have profound benefit for those who suffer from deep muscle pain or injury, singing bowls can be filled with warm water to help alleviate tension and provide a whole new dimesion to this type of therapy. much of what has been written here is yet to be discovered by a majority of the U.S. population, don't wait, discover this healing gem for yourself!


Initial consultations are a great first step for those who wish to get to the root of health issues and gain the necessary tools for making positive changes. Utilizing the wisdom of East-Asian medicine and Ayurveda, advice given during consultations is designed to move you towards balance and wholeness. Having a consultation can help you to understand your health in dynamic and vitally impactful ways, shifting your state of being towards finding solutions based on new information from your consultation. Initial Consultations require you to fill out new patient paperwork found in the patient portal through Acusimple. 
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